[ad_1] Cozy Bear campaigns continue. The Russian threat group that successfully exploited vulnerabilities in SolarWinds last year (an SVR unit familiarly known as either Cozy Bear or Berserk Bear) is said, by Mandiant, to again be working against Western targets. CNN quotes Mandiant’s Charles Carmakal as saying, “The group has compromised multiple government entities, organizations that focus
[ad_1] The Republican Governors Association (RGA) revealed in data breach notification letters sent last week that its servers were breached during an extensive Microsoft Exchange hacking campaign that hit organizations worldwide in March 2021. RGA is a US political organization and a tax-exempt 527 group that provides Republican candidates with the campaign resources needed to get elected as
[ad_1] At a glance. French COVID-19 test data breached. Ransomware at customer support provider TTEC. The cost to HSE of the ransomware attack it sustained. French COVID-19 testing data stolen.  SecurityWeek reports that hackers attacked the Paris public hospital system, or AP-HP, and nabbed the personal data of approximately 1.4 million COVID-19 test recipients. The
[ad_1] (CNN) — Unidentified hackers breached computer systems at the United Nations in April and the multinational body has had to fend off related hacks in the months since, a UN spokesperson said Thursday. The statement came after multiple private cybersecurity experts warned that cybercriminal forums had in recent months been selling access to login
[ad_1] The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan. The effective collapse of Afghanistan’s government last Sunday and the country’s general fall to the Taliban represent a humanitarian disaster. From the US point-of-view, it seems to have been more policy failure than intelligence failure. The Taliban’s ascendancy may also augur an increase in newly emboldened Islamist activity in cyberspace. Historically that had