[ad_1] New updates are being added at the bottom of this story… Original story (published on June 11, 2021) follows: COD Warzone recently published an update regarding anti-cheat programs on their official blog re-iterating that they have zero tolerance for cheaters across the game. The game’s banhammer went down on over 300,000 hackers worldwide. COD
[ad_1] The Federal Trade Commission has unanimously voted to ban the spyware maker SpyFone and its chief executive Scott Zuckerman from the surveillance industry, the first order of its kind, after the agency accused the company of harvesting mobile data on thousands of people and leaving it on the open internet. The agency said SpyFone
[ad_1] America’s trade watchdog today banned stalkerware developer SpyFone and its CEO from the surveillance industry, effectively putting an end to its business. The outfit makes an Android app that can be secretly installed on someone’s smartphone; once in place, the software relays back information about the handheld and its user to SpyFone’s systems so
[ad_1] By GR Staff Published 1 hour ago Raven Software’s new Call of Duty: Warzone anti-cheat software appears to be banning cheaters for good. Raven Software’s new anti-cheat system appears to be keeping hackers out of Call of Duty: Warzone for good. According to several self-admitted Call of Duty: Warzone hackers, Warzone’s newest wave of