[ad_1] The growing interest of the Modi government in reservations for OBCs — as evident from its defence of the 127th amendment analysed in our last op-ed — is somewhat counterintuitive. After all, the Sangh Parivar considered caste-based positive discrimination detrimental to the nation’s progress as it was implemented at the expense of merit. Its
[ad_1] By Shankar Roddam Accelerated digitization and improved data-sharing technologies have greatly enhanced our lives by powering smart cities, driving personalized Ads, and more. Everything from utilities to banking is just a tap away. However, too much of anything is bad – including too much data-sharing and dependence on digital technology. In our quest to
[ad_1] <!– –> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 9/21/2019. © H1N1 / Shutterstock <!– –> The World Bank issued a stark warning in its 2019 outlook for the Saudi economy: “The Kingdom likely faces a looming poverty problem.” The bank has since noted in its 2019 and 2020 outlooks that “while no official information is available on poverty, identifying and supporting