[ad_1] Penetration testing is a process of identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities in network infrastructure for the purpose of evaluating the level of risk. Azure penetration testing, as its name suggests, focuses on vulnerabilities that can be exploited through Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform. This post will help you understand what azure penetration testing is and how
[ad_1] A range of recently revealed vulnerabilities in Microsoft Corp.’s Azure remain vulnerable to exploitation as customers may be required to apply the patch manually. Dramatically dubbed OMIGOD by researchers at Wiz Inc. in a notice Tuesday, the vulnerabilities relate to the Open Manage Infrastructure agent that’s deployed when Azure users set up a Linux
[ad_1] Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities SecurID Statement on Release of Software Token for macOS 4.2.2 to Address Certificate Issue (RSA Link) August 26, 2021 Earlier this week, SecurID Software Token for macOS was impacted by a change made by Apple to cease support for Symantec as a trusted Certificate Authority. Software Token 4.2.1 for macOS