[ad_1] Anonymous hackers are now starting to leak the identities of Epik’s consumers. Security experts even claimed that the massive breach affects the company’s Anonymize customers, who are paying for the firm’s service to keep their identity secret.  (Photo : Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) However, it seems like their payments are useless after popular
[ad_1] Hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly obtained gigabytes of data from web hosting company Epik and leaked decades of data online. In addition to being a web host, Epik also provides its customers with domain names and DNS services. However, like bulletproof hosting companies, it has a reputation for providing web space to many clients
[ad_1] Pandemic lockdowns led to an explosion in virtual private networks (VPNs), but a new report warns these ‘private tunnels’ are vulnerable to a particularly insidious attack that analyzes the size of the data packets zipping through them.    Disguising IP addresses, VPNs link user and their provider’s data center, assigning each one of tens of thousands