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NSA Warns Public Networks are Hacker Hotbeds


The NSA has warned that attackers are targeting teleworkers taking advantage of free public networks to steal corporate data that may be sensitive. The US National Security Agency offered advice to security teams that are seeking the best wireless practices to protect corporate networks and personal devices. According to the NSA, security teams must be mindful of the security threats that come with using Wi-Fi networks that are publicly accessible. The NSA also identified Bluetooth technology and Near Field Communications as worrisome protocols.

The NSA stated that data send over public Wi-Fi, especially those that do not require a password to access, is vulnerable to theft or manipulation by another party connected to the same network. The intelligence agency also added that fake access points can harvest user credentials and other personal data. The NSA also stated that Bluetooth is a convenient protocol for private use, however, it can have many implications in a public setting, urging security teams to turn off Bluetooth in public to prevent attacks such as BlueBorne or BlueBugging.

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