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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 7, 2021


Consider processing municipal solid waste to generate electricity

Tom Miller’s Oct. 5 letter reminds us of the challenges to the need for an economical and adequate supply of electricity. It is my understanding that NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power & Light, has a service area along most of Florida’s east coast and will soon add most of north Florida. Its focus appears to be on solar panels.

The politics in Washington against fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) for power generation present the need for a search for an alternative. Since 1988, the Cape Cod area has gathered municipal solid waste, processed it into “organic fuel” to generate electricity at the Southeastern Massachusetts Resource Recovery Facility (SEMASS) operation. A similar installation should work in the NextEra Energy service area.

George D. Todd, Vero Beach

Andy Marlette, USA TODAY

Signing on for unemployment benefits is a maddening ordeal in Florida

My name is Alicia Riedy and I am currently receiving unemployment benefits. For the past month I have been unable to log into the Department of Economic Opportunity website to file my claims. They recently updated their login with, a two-factor authentication system that is not working. 

I have tried every day to contact someone at the DEO to assist me but the hold time is too long and the system hangs up on you. I went in person to the local unemployment center in Port St. Lucie and was told that they are not equipped to handle issues with the system. They are there typically to assist with finding work.


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