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#EpikFail? Anonymous Hackers Now Revealing Epik Consumers’ Identities


Anonymous hackers are now starting to leak the identities of Epik’s consumers. Security experts even claimed that the massive breach affects the company’s Anonymize customers, who are paying for the firm’s service to keep their identity secret. 

Anonymous' Massive Epik Breach Reveals Identities of Various Far-Right Websites, Even Anonymize Consumers!

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However, it seems like their payments are useless after popular Anonymous hackers breached the company’s system.

These cybercriminals even created a Twitter account called “Epik Fail Data Leaks” to post some screenshots or posts about the massive database leak of the giant tech firm. As of the moment, the newly created account already has more than 4,500 followers.

Meanwhile, one of the hackers’ posts seems to mock Epik.

“Do you want a twitter thread on how poorly this data was stored and the data structure?” asked the Anonymous hackers in a Twitter poll.

They added that even the most inexperienced person regarding tech stuff could even access the company’s database.

How Anonymous Hackers Breach Epik’s Database?

According to an Epik Fail Data Leaks Twitter thread, Epik works by offering an option to protect consumers’ privacy. The company is offering a Domain-Add-On called “Anonymize,” which promises full anonymity of their identities.

Anonymous' Massive Epik Breach Reveals Identities of Various Far-Right Websites, Even Anonymize Consumers!

(Photo : Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
A participant sits with a laptop computer as he attends the annual Chaos Communication Congress of the Chaos Computer Club at the Berlin Congress Center on December 28, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. The Chaos Computer Club is Europe’s biggest network of computer hackers and its annual congress draws up to 3,000 participants.

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However, the Anonymous hackers explained that Epik’s mistake is assigning a UserID to create a contact email on its anonymous domains. However, the online attackers said that all you have to do is search WHOIS files to look for the actual owners of the Epik Anonymize domains.

Aside from Epik, Fortinet VPN was also breached by a hacking gang, which leaked 500,000 passwords on the Dark Web forum. On the other hand, ExpressVPN’s CIO is now facing a lawsuit because of alleged spying activities.

Real Identities Getting Exposed? 

According to The Washington Post‘s latest report, the leaked database of Epik contains various essential information. These include customer account credentials, internal company emails, website purchase records, as well as the names of those who administer some of the largest far-right websites. 

Here are other information being leaked by the Anonymous hackers: 

  • Home Addresses
  • Client Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Passwords

One of the individuals identified in Epik is Michael Trollan, who is believed to be running the and 

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