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Corruption under the cover of COVID – Santa Barbara News-Press


Did You Know? Bonnie Donovan

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

— Albert Einstein

Corruptible politicians from A to Z continue to operate again while under the cover of COVID-19. 

This has meant more destruction of our favorite haunts and our way of life.

Corrupt politicians are responsible for the state we are in, but we are responsible for electing them. There is enough blame to go around.

Let’s do something to change our direction.

Corrupt politicians account for the need for all the time and money spent on a recall of the California governor when the refurbishing of this state should be the priority. We shouldn’t be put into the situation of having to remove a leader (we use the term “leader” loosely), who is so out of touch with the reality of the state’s needs and issues.

What is in it for these politicians? Besides which, all that is needed today is for them to do nothing more but read the Democratic National Committee script and go with the flow. These politicians will still be getting your money and your votes, their car allowance and all. Who cares what the rest of us pay for gas and groceries —  if their needs are met,(and boy are they)?

Just look at the changes brought to the face of Santa Barbara, by way of our elected officials under the cover of COVID.

The changes to our streets, parking, the homeless, crime, the enormous amounts of approvals for overbuilding, which have allowed high rises for market rate units. 

The latest height allowance was an additional 2 feet, 11 inches — and it was touted as “not 3 feet.”

More changes under COVID include one that serves neither workers nor residents favorably. The Public Labor Agreement is for union-only projects for the city of Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara County is now following suit. Is this payola for campaign contributions? Everybody’s out for a vote

About the moratorium on evictions: No one wants people put in the street. However, with government stimulus checks and unemployment benefits times three, wasn’t the money for people to pay their bills? The landowner is still responsible for property taxes., upkeep, etc. Where is the equity?  Oh, has the equity script been set aside?   

 It’s not just in Santa Barbara. It’s prevalent everywhere. Let’s look at Los Angeles. The iconic French Restaurant, Taix, near Echo Park in Los Angeles since 1927 has been sold out under the cover of COVID. Even the well-established Los Angeles Conservancy was unable to stop the destruction of a historic building — and was given a preservation title in name only for the two exterior signs and an interior wooden bar. Laughable except it’s not a comedy.  

Despite the historical-cultural monument, the nomination was reduced from the whole building to several random parts of a building pushed through by the City Council under the cover of COVID. Sound familiar?

Just look at all the projects that have happened in Santa Barbara under the same premise, pushing these projects through when no one is looking. Again, what is the rush? Again, what is in it for them?

Why would a city council allow this demolition of history for another 170-unit, 6-story apartment building with 86% market rate?  Holland Partner Group is responsible for this travesty, but not all the culpability. (Los Angeles isn’t congested enough that they would replace a historic restaurant with a 6-story apartment building?)

It’s evident that all branches of our government entities, commissions, boards, our schools, city councils and city departments are infiltrated by traitors and dilettantes who take their orders from the DNC, which appears to have tethers beyond. 

Locally, it’s nice to see that the Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County went against the DCC when they endorsed Deborah Schwartz for mayor and Nina Johnson, who is running against Councilmember Meghan Harmon in District 6.  Councilmember Kristin Sneddon is the only candidate up for re-election who was endorsed by both.

Men apparently aren’t invited to the party. Why are men so out of favor? Why not promote who is best for the job? We all have different skill sets. Why should we be limited by a quota system?

Speaking of skill sets or lack thereof: Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, responded last Tuesday when reporters asked what assurance do we have that the rescued Afghans aren’t Taliban or ISIS. Her response: “They are fully vetted.” What a joke!

We have seen how our border patrol is thwarted by our elected officials at our southern border. The corruption knows no bounds.  Interestingly PBS showed the 1984 movie “The Killing Fields” on the night of the Biden-Harris fall of Afghanistan. 

Instead of Vice President Kamala Harris being available for the Afghanistan debacle, aka the world’s largest airlift, she has embarked on a tour of Asia.  While in Singapore, she announced, “if you want to have Christmas toys for your children, buy them now. There won’t be any at Christmas due to climate change.” Oh, puh-leez!.

The pages of VIce President Harris’ scripted message must be out of order. Such corrupt politicians. And at the helm, so to speak.

Where is U.S. Rep. Salud Carbajal in all this? The Santa Barbara Democrat is in the Marine Reserves! “Semper Fi, til you die. He is always faithful.” 

Salud, we ask you, isn’t the motto: “No man left behind”? And in America, we want all our Americans safe. 

What is a promise? We promised the Afghans that if you help us, we will take care of you, nor will we leave you behind. To all our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen who fought on the ground, we salute and revere you.  Your sacrifices and heroism gave the Afghans a taste of freedom. Too bad it was just a taste. 

The bottom line is freedom or not — something we have all taken for granted until the last 18 months. Freedom, you have heard, is not free. It is also not a free ride, which many have been led to believe.

We owe the generations before us and the generations after us. 

From “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “show me your papers” —  if you have no QR code you aren’t allowed. Rumor has it local medical professionals will be going door to door to vaccinate you if you haven’t complied.

If our world has changed so much in the last 18 months, where will we be in the next 18 months? We do outnumber those in charge. The push back is coming from places like the Los Angeles Fire Department and the nurses in local hospitals. When they are forced to resign, as stated last week, many fewer first responders will be available for all of us. Is that the plan?  Remember these were the heroes 18 months ago.

This is a fight for freedom of choice and free will. We have freedom unless we lie down. Locally, our elected county…


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